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Students need to meet industry experts and have first-hand exposure to become aware of what’s out there. They also need one on one mentoring and hands-on experiences to really apply themselves and internalize concepts, as each child learns differently and must be taught differently.

We are all natural learners because we are curious by nature. Rather than give information, students are asked a series of questions and work to find the answers by talking to various experts or by self-analysis. Thus, each student learns the process of finding answers independently and learns in their own individual ways.  

Global Shaala worked with experts to create a complementary off-campus learning curriculum for grade 1-12. This 12 year roadmap consists of experiences in 40 industries, 20 countries and 26 states in India. By the time a student has gone through Global Shaalas 12 year curriculum, they are more well exposed and well-travelled than most people on the planet.

Global Shaala provides verified program coordinators, verified destinations and travel insurance. All the places and people involved have been personally vetted by the founders. We only work with individuals who are passionate about education and have prior experience with working with children of various age groups.

Global Shaala provides a list of program-specific requirements that the students may have to carry such as specific footwear. Materials required during the program are provided by Global Shaala.

Global Shaala works with various food partners to provide healthy food backed by a good track record of customer service. The food options will be customized to your requirements.

Global Shaala offers two kinds of customized programs – customization of existing programs or development of new programs from scratch. We will be happy to work with you for either customization.

Global Shaala works with reputed transport providers who provide clean buses with experienced drivers. AC and Non-AC buses options are available.

Global Shaala provides program coordinators who are trained in first aid and second aid. Coordinators are also trained to handle various age groups of kids and make them comfortable during the programs.

Global Shaala provides one male and one female coordinator so that the individual needs of both students and teachers can be met satisfactorily.

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