We are GlobalShaala

The learning partner for schools that empowers students with life and industry-specific skills, exposure and knowledge today that gives them the edge tomorrow.

It All Started With One Realisation

We started our journey when we noticed how the students need not only academic excellence but also industry exposure, 21st century skills and problem solving abilities to thrive in the days to come. The question was – How could we bring these skills early on to the school students today?

The Journey To Empower Young Minds Began

Schools needed an end-to-end provider of excursions for their students and we worked with them to provide brand new learning programs that focused on getting kids to apply classroom concepts in the real world to solve problems around them. We replaced the usual sightseeing tours with learning programs involving industry leaders from sectors as diverse as Technology, Financial Services, Theatre and Agriculture, helping kids understand how the computer science and biology they study today is used in various fields. We realised that this is true empowerment.

We had noticed how empowered kids were after these experiences and figured that this is the key solution to one of India’s most pressing concerns – the education gap.

While technology and societal constructs were advancing faster than ever, the education system in India hadn’t caught up with the pace. Now, it’s no secret that 65% of the kids entering primary school will grow up to do work that doesn’t exist today. We also realised that the foundational skills of every job will remain the same – Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Thus began the journey to teach kids what they need for the unknown future in early 2019.

What We Are Today

GlobalShaala is a venture today dedicated to providing curated off-campus learning experiences for school students. Our Global Learning Program for grade 1-12 provides empirical learning of subjects, international exposure, skill building and personality development for a student-centric holistic schooling. Globalshaala handles the entire conceptualisation, planning, execution and management of all these programs so that schools need not dedicate in-house manpower and resources towards their off-campus excursions.

Children get to interact with industry leaders from various fields and develop skills outside their classrooms. Experiences such as camping in a forest, science experiments at innovation centres, folk art and other once in a lifetime activities enable children to push their limits and grow stronger.

With a comprehensive roadmap that includes exposure to 40 different fields, travel to 20 countries and interactions with over 80 Industry Leaders, GlobalShaala provides a learning experience that will be relevant for the decades to come.

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